PTCB Exam Simplified (4th Edition) is now available at!

The best study guide for the pharmacy technician certification exam is now available in its 4th edition! Are you in the market for a PTCB exam study guide? Here are some questions you should be asking as a consumer.

#1 Who is the author, and do they have a track record of success?

PTCB Exam Simplified is one of only a handful of pharmacist-written PTCB exam study guides, and our track record is clear. At the time of this writing, PTCB Exam Simplified 2nd Edition has an Amazon rating of 4.5/5, and PTCB Exam Simplified 3rd Edition has an Amazon rating of 4.6/5. Enough said.

#2 Does the study guide reflect the current PTCB exam content outline?

This one is essential. The PTCB content outline provides a preview of the topics you will see on the actual exam. Many PTCB exam study guides claim to be up to date. For example, the title may indicate a year range in the title (2020-2021), implying that the content is current, but when you look inside, you see a series of topics that don't always match the official exam content outline. PTCB Exam Simplified is different. Our content is relevant, and we can prove it. Just compare our table of contents to the official PTCB exam content outline.

#3 Is the study guide designed to lighten your load?

If you look at the available options in the world of PTCB exam study guides, you'll see page counts ranging from an inadequate 100 pages to an excessive 350 pages. Some of the study guides on the larger end of the spectrum even come with an avalanche of additional online content, often touted as a "bonus" feature. The only problem is that information overload is a drawback, not a selling point! A study guide should simplify your life, not make it harder. With PTCB Exam Simplified, we strive to be as comprehensive, yet concise as possible. As a result of our efforts, the 4th edition, a manageable 242-pages, provides everything you should need to pass the PTCB exam.

#4 Is the study guide formatted in a way that makes it easy to study?

Many study guides appear to be assembled in haste. Good design is ignored. Instead, you're stuck reading a few hundred pages of jumbled text with no structure. The experience is kind of like reading a poorly-organized phonebook. PTCB Exam Simplified is different. We recognize the importance of design. Our content engages your visual memory. When you're sitting for the exam, trying to remember a detail from our study guide, you'll remember more than just the words on the page; hopefully, you'll also remember the way the page looks. That's our goal.

PTCB Exam Simplified (4th Edition) is available now at!