You want to crush the PTCB exam. We want you to crush it too! There are many ways to learn, but certain approaches are more effective than others. Psychological research has proven this to be the case. What are some of the most effective approaches?

#1 Spacing

It’s easy to remember something 30 seconds after studying, but will you remember it next week or next month? Probably not if you’ve only reviewed it once. To drive information into your long-term memory, it’s essential to revisit the information multiple times. Give yourself a little time to forget the information (e.g., a few days), then review it again. Flashcards can be a powerful tool to capitalize on the benefit of spacing. That’s why we created a set of flashcards for the Top 200 Drugs and Pharmacy Sig Codes. It’s also why we allow you to re-take the practice exams as many times as you want so that you can benefit from the research-proven strategy of spacing.

#2 Re-teaching

Once you’ve learned something new and important, then turn around teach it to someone else; for instance, a study buddy or a relative. Have them quiz you one-on-one, and with each answer, explain as though you are an expert on the topic. Don’t fake it; keep trying until you get it right.

#3 Switching

In other words, don’t study the same narrow set of facts over and over without ever attempting to expand your fund of knowledge. Instead, study one thing for a while, then switch to something else. This provides your mind the opportunity to build off of what was learned previously. Consequently, new connections can form, and old connections can strengthen. That’s why we don’t offer just one practice PTCB exam, but a total of three practice PTCB exams.

#4 Elaborative interrogation

Put in simple terms, just asking yourself “why” will improve learning. If you understand why something is true, then you’re more than twice as likely to remember it in the first place. That’s why we include a video of pharmacist-written solutions with each of our practice PTCB exams. We don’t just tell you “what” is correct, we tell you “why” it’s correct!


What is the proven approach to boosting exam performance? Mock exams. More specifically, mock exams completed in a way that simulates the actual exam. Research has shown that it works! That’s why we have three pharmacist-developed, timed, computer-based, multiple-choice practice PTCB exams right here at

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